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Blue Blazer

Name: Hoblox
Genre: Fantasy
Powers/Special Skills: accomplished farmer, gardener
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Prairie Dwarves
Other Aliases: none
Status: n/a
Hoblox and his wife Neia are humble, pacifistic dwarves living on the edge of Wrynwood Forest in the fantasy realm of Fontegan. They are quite content running their farm and selling their crops at market. In fact, they would have lived their lives quietly and peacefully if not for the abandoned human baby that Hoblox found crying in the forest one afternoon. He brought the infant home and after some deliberation, he and Neia adopted the baby boy as their own. He would grow to one day be a great hero, in large part because he was raised by Hoblox and Neia to be kind, fair, and selfless.