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@Blue Blazer
Glad you liked  the group.

My foot is doing wonderful.
each time a Wound Care doctor or attendant looks at it they say so.
Monday I check with Dr. Swami, the Infection Dr, to make sure  I’m OK for  a skin graft to help it heal over. My Blood sugars have even been in double digits instead of the 300 – 400s like they had been.

My major problem fioor the last 2-3 weeks have been blisters and MAJOR pain on my man parts.Which totally sucks since I haven’t been sexually active with anyone in 8 years. All I have been doing lately is dialysis or at home sitting in my recliner where my legs have room to spread out as aoopesed to the wheen char which forces my thighs together and watching dvds the latest bath being the Marvel Cinimatic universe ones: Catapain America, Thor, Avengers  thankffully I have had some pain free hours which was shen I posted to the forem and the contest and now.

I have more story of my Texas Super Rangers, but had just been hurting too much to concentrate.

A good thing that has recently happened was we got a $1.400 refund from Social Security Disability where they had taken took much from our checks. So we are going to get the car AC working again, and I want to fill in some of my Marvel Movies I don’t have

Iron Man 3
Capt America Winter’s Soldier (2014),
Guardians of the Galaxy
Captain America: Civil War
Doctor Strange
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Spider-Man: Homecoming