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When Freebird joined Talon and Goldhawk to to battle a corrupt politician, it was far more personal for her than the boys because that corrupt politician happened to be her father. For her entire life she had a front row seat to the dirty tactics and outright corruption that permeated the system. She never liked the way her father worked, often stepping on other people just to get a little more power. So when she learned that he was supporting masked villains just to help his own shady agenda, she knew she had to do something.

She freely admits that they bit off way more than they could chew at the time but with her father now in prison, she believes it was worth it.

Freebird’s approach to protesting the world’s wrongs is far more subtle than Goldhawk’s.  As a talented musician, she uses music to encourage others to join her…Sure, she may throw in a psychic suggestion to do so here and there but hey, it works.

Talon has tried to dissuade her from this style of psychic manipulation, fearing that she’s going down a dangerous path, but she is so determined to fix everything wrong with her country that she believes she’s just helping others see the truth.


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