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Blue Blazer

Alias: Hitchhiker
Name: none
Genre: parasitic spirit
Powers/Special Skills: possession
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: none
Other Aliases: Omnis, Epidromeas, Geist Esser
Status: nearly finished with dormancy cycle
The almost mindless ancient thing currently known as Hitchhiker has been around for millennia. This parasitic spirit is able to invade the mind of a living thing and feed off of its psychic energy, slowly driving the host insane before moving on to another unwilling host. The Hitchhiker is, in its own form, completely intangible and invisible, and has only been identified three times before now. In ancient Rome it was referred to as “Omnis,” meaning “everyone”; in ancient Greece it was named “Epidromeas,” or “invader”; and in 19th century Germany it was labelled “Geist Esser,” which roughly translates to “mind eater.” One of the few ways to identify a human possessed by the Hitchhiker is that a white streak forms in the host’s hair, and his/her pupil’s turn white for a few seconds when the parasite is either entering or exiting. There is no way to tell how many otherwise healthy people have had to be institutionalized because they were the victims of this horrible menace. The Hitchhiker must go dormant and sleep for a period of about 20 years after being active for about 100.