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Before he joined up with the Nowhere Kids, Talon ran with two other young heroes named Goldhawk and Freebird. This trio used stolen alien technology (from the same ship Subject Zero crashed) to battle a corrupt politician who funded several masked villains. They were marginally successful in this endeavor but were blamed for the collapse of a building that resulted in several people being injured and almost killed. As the three were all minors, they were taken into protective custody while things were sorted out. Both Goldhawk and Freebird decided they had had enough of playing at being superheroes anyway and gave up their costumed identities to try and regain their normal lives by sorting out the legal mess they were in.

Talon, however, had no plans to stop fighting crime and escaped, later meeting up with fellow runaways, the Nowhere Kids. He stayed with the kids for quite some time, becoming a staple member as others came and went. Several months later, he learned that Goldhawk and Freebird had both managed to secure their freedom after proving that the collapse of the building was not their fault and that they were actually the heroes of the situation. While this technically meant that he too was innocent, he chose to stay with the Nowhere Kids and help them in their battle against the Labyrinth, while wishing his friends a happy and normal life.

Recently however, Talon learned that Goldhawk and Freebird have reappeared in their reacquired alien tech, protesting the current state of the country and styling themselves like some kind of revolutionaries. Their tactics have been far more violent and disruptive than Talon remembers them ever being and he has become concerned for the future of his friends.

Talon tracked down Goldhawk and Freebird to try and convince them not to go down a dangerous path. They countered by inviting him to join them on their quest for justice. Talon had no real taste for their new style of “freedom fighting” but couldn’t dissuade them from their current course.

Despite the emotional protests of his friend in the Nowhere Kids, Talon rejoined Goldhawk and Freebird in the hopes of keeping them in check.


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