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This one is a little complicated so bear with me.

When the Watchguard’s Delta Squad battled the time manipulating criminal known as The Traveller, they found themselves accidentally thrust into the time stream, The Traveller’s time tech malfunctioned and each member was thrown to a different era with a piece of the Traveller’s armor.

Steel Spectre found himself in the old west with the Traveller, who explained that if they wanted to return to their own time, they would need to locate all of the missing parts of his time armor. The two eventually decided that they would have to work together if they had any hope of returning home.

The pair spent several weeks in the old west before they finally happened upon a way to find the Traveller’s armor. Their opportunity came in the form of a young witch named Lily Whitmore who offered to cast a spell one the piece of armor the Traveller still had. This spell sent the three unlikely companions back into the time stream as the armor honed in on its other parts.

First, they travelled even further back in time to Salem, Massachusetts, smack dab in the middle of the witch trials where they found Nightshade being tried for witchcraft. Lily showed her true power here, saving the young hero from an angry mob.

They then travelled to 1940’s Europe where they found Surge fighting alongside the allies to battle Nazis.

The next stop was London in the 1980’s where they found Shadowfang way over his head in the world of spies and espionage. It was here that Lily’s part in their adventure came to an end. Captured by enemy forces, Lily faked her own death, using a spell that cast the illusion of death as she fell unconscious.

Unfortunately, Steel Spectre found Lily before the spell ended and he too believed her to be dead. He grieved her passing but knew that he still had to find Trance. The Traveller had enough of his armor now to initiate a time jump without Lily’s magic and he took the team into the future to find their last member.

Lily awoke alone and felt abandoned. She was now trapped in a time not her own. For thirty years, she stewed in her anger at both Steel Spectre and The Traveller for leaving her behind, seemingly refusing to acknowledge her own part in why they did so.

With the coming of the modern age and the formation of The Mortal Gods, Lily posed as Hecate, the witch goddess. She engineered a plot to pit the Mortal Gods against the Watchguard in a true clash of Titans. Her political plotting almost succeeded in leveling the Watchguard’s tower but her plot was ultimately foiled and she was exposed as a fraud among the Mortal Gods when the real Hecate was found.

After the conflict, Steel Spectre attempted to apologise for leaving her behind but she was to twisted by years of resentment that she wanted nothing to do with him. She lashed out and vanished into the night.

Steel Spectre knows that Lilt Whitmore is still out there somewhere and she knows that she isn’t done with him yet.

Lily Whitmore

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