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So this is my first time adding to this group.. but I had a lot of fun doing this haha.

The Little Mutant (a not so subtle reference to a famous character)

In the far, far future, humans have inevitably ruined the earth (Go us!), causing most of the land to be ravaged, desolate wasteland. Few places on earth still contain life, and the life that exists is mutated and just odd looking. For example, many species of fireflies have adapted glowing wings instead of their iconic glowing bums. The foliage, contaminated by various chemicals, grows in bizarre colors such as purple, orange, and pink. Gas balls, similar to the ones in Scottish moors, rise and create glowing green orbs that lure people and animals to the area. However, the most afflicted aspect of earth is also its largest- the oceans, rivers, lakes, and seas. Global warming first caused sea levels to rise with melted ice, but then drying the earth and distributing the water in unnatural patterns. With leeching from nuclear plants and toxic sewage, the remaining water became radioactive and volatile. The creatures in the water became contorted forms of what they were. These mutants include the amphibious karawi, small humanoids with webbed hands and feet, yellow eyes, and withered looking green skin. They also have leaf like appendages they use in order to blend in with foliage. Another, the aureya, is a mutated species of jellyfish who have grown a nucleic organ similar to a brain and eyes that protrude from their gelatin head. They also surface from time to time, as oxygen levels in the water are incredibly low and are not always stable enough to support their needs. The most alarming mutation on record, however, can be found in some communities that live on or around the water, such as New Orleans, Venice, the Congo, and the Bajau Laut to name a few. Many of these people, who rely on the water for many aspects of their lives, have changed completely in their physical state. With gills, webbed and claw like appendages, abnormal skin colors, and coral or barnacle growth on their bodies, they are hardly human anymore. Like many life forms on this new earth, they can survive in and out of water. While not completely feral, they distrust most outsiders, and humans who trespass or liter in their waters are likely to face some sort of danger. They have reverted to a fairly primitive- and sometimes cannibalistic- lifestyle. They are territorial and protect the remaining bodies of water in pods with up to 100 individuals. Many are still rather attractive and they use this, along with the glowing gas orbs, to lure their human and animal prey to their death. With this protection, many bodies of water are slowly becoming less polluted and life is starting to return. It will likely never reach the levels of healthy biodiversity that once existed, but as their numbers grow, water pollution declines and aquatic life of both new and old species, increases.

Breakdown of objects:

The eyes were used to make the heads of the jellyfish and her left hand that’s underwater.

The glove was used to make the little yellow crab’s claw and the blue tube fungus type plants on the rock.

I used two capes to make the little mutant guy in the top left corner of the picture.


I hope I followed the rules and everything, but even if I didn’t, I got wayyy too much enjoyment from this.