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Name: Megan Harris
Codename: Copy Cat
Other Aliases: (None)

Profile: Another child born with superpowers after “The Moment”, Megan Harris has the ability to copy any other superpower. This can be either temporary or permenant, depending on the circumstances of the copy. To copy a power temporarily, Megan only needs to be with a ten metre radius of the superhuman who she is trying to copy, and this effect lasts for around an hour if she leaves that radius. However, to copy a power permenantly she needs to have physical contact with the subject and maintain that contact for a minimum of a minute to 5 minutes, depending on the complexity of the power set. Megan only discovered her power in her late teens, due to the relative scarcity of superhumans she only came across another whilst on holiday with her friends. Unfortunately, the powers set she accidentally copied to discover her own power was that of a pyrokinetic and, not being used to the power, she spontaneously combusted. Fortunately, part of the powers she copied was immunity to being burned and the superhuman she copied was able to stop the fire, but it did leave Megan a slight bit traumatized. She was able to overcome that trauma however, and has worked on learning to control her ablities, even managing a level of control that allows her to cherry-pick from power sets rather than copying the whole set. After joining W.I.L.D she was able to permenantly gain a fraction of innate capability, meaning she can now immediately know how to control any ability she copies, which has proven very useful, as it removes her need to work out a power set under pressure.

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