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Name: Angella Jacobsen
Codename: Angel
Other Aliases: (None)

Profile: A half-alien/ half-human hybrid, Angella may look like an ordinary human but her alien heritage has given her a few unusual adaptations. She is highly resistant to pressure, altittude and vacuum states, meaning she can dive deeper, fly higher and survive in a vacuum around 4-5 times longer than any normal human without any form of protection. She can also survive without oxygen for longer due to a highly adapted respiritory system that can break down other gases in the air, such as Carbon Dioxide, into Oxygen when she breaths, which can be used alongside a respiritory bypass system in her lungs that can store Oxygen, meaning that she can breath for a short period of time even in Oxygenless environments. Her senses are also more finely tuned than any normal human and her reflexes are at least twice as sharp. All of this is combined makes her an extremely valuable asset, but she is also outfitted with a special suit made up of alien technology and the skill and know-how of the W.I.L.D Technical Support Department that allows her to fly, making her a perfect all-terrain response operative for the A Division.

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