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This next one took a lot of work but it’s finally done. One of the characters I have coming up is a science hero named Carla Goodall that has a link to two past favorite characters. In fact she is this universe’s multiversal counterpart of both Stellars. So I thought it’s time to do an anime of both Stellars (yes, I know I did one of Cosmic Stellar, but I’m not counting that). Also, I’m changing the name of one of them to Nightmare Hunter (can you guess which?) and leaving the other with the Stellar name. It just gets to confusing. Also, in this particular timeline, they have been in their respective hero roles for some time and are more powerful than previous incarnations. Also, if it’s not already clear, they are each in their own universes. I’ll explain more when I introduce the science hero later on.
Nightmare Hunter & Stellar

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