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This explosion slinging beauty was originally part of a criminal duo with her sister, the original Knockout. Knockout and Bombshell were recurring foes of Jennifer Holt in her days as Supermodel.  The sisters would ultimately win the war with their enemy when they kidnapped Supermodel and brainwashed her into joining their side.

The deadly duo then became a trio.

The sisters loved seeing the high and mighty Supermodel fall from grace but they weren’t prepared for how likable she actually was once they got to know her. They actually grew to consider her a friend. So when Supermodel found herself on the losing end of a fight with the extra dimensional terror known as Omega, Knockout and Bombshell came to her rescue.

Sadly however, during their attempted escape, Bombshell misfired an explosion and Knockout was killed.

Devastated and horrified by this, Bombshell fled, leaving a depowered Supermodel to her fate. If it wasn’t for the arrival of Jennifer’s niece, Jamie, she probably wouldn’t have made it out alive.

Bombshell had seemingly vanished, Supermodel had lost her powers and was crippled and Knockout was dead. The deadly trio of women was officially over.

The trauma of that night seemingly brought Jennifer back to her senses and she was given an official pardon for her efforts in holding back Omega, who planned to destroy everything but she was still haunted by the crimes she had committed. So when Jamie decided to carry on the family legacy of superhero women, Jennifer was proud and asked that she take on the name of the fallen Knockout.

Bombshell, however, was anything but proud.

She saw this young upstart using her dead sisters name as an insult. She wanted to put an end to it but she would take a much subtler approach than she usually did. From the shadows, Bombshell plotted against both Knockout and Jennifer for months, subjecting them to a torrent of mental and emotional pain through agents and proxies. Only after months of this did she reveal herself as the mastermind behind all of it.

Bombshell now hid her beauty under a hideous mask and declared herself the antithesis of everything Knockout stood for. Her plan didn’t stop there though. She drugged and abducted Knockout and planned to subject her to the same intense brainwashing that had been used against Supermodel. This was bombshell’s ultimate revenge against Jennifer, who she believed was responsible for her sisters death. Her plan may well have worked if it wasn’t for an emotional plea from Jennifer that gave Knockout enough time to escape and subdue Bombshell.

Her plan foiled, Bombshell now resides in a maximum security penitentiary where she patiently plots her next move. She has set aside her hatred for her former friend for the time being but her hatred of Knockout has only grown.


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