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Herr D

“Tonight the part of Short Round will be played by a stocky Chippewa in a nun’s habit.”–said our GM on realizing this character’s intent.

This is Mr. Strait in a situation I played him in. It was a modified Deadlands system with custom characters. (Deadlands is essentially a western with undead, magic, supercoal, and steampunk.)

Mr. Strait has the weaknesses of facial disfiguration, having been attacked by a ghoulie covered with flaming turpentine, and needing more food than most by 50%. He is also wanted for deserting both the Union and the Confederacy. His advantages include Sense Object / Machine Weaknesses (+12) and stealing (Pickpocket, Sleight Of Hand, Misdirect, Conceal Obj / Self, AND Timing at +6) for use Mad Scientist Plans. He uses horseshoes a lot with his tendency to Unintended Use (+8,) including as prybars, makeshift armor, ranged and melee weapons. His experience points were mostly used to upgrade his stats, as you might guess. STR11INT18WIS14CHA7CON16WIL17AGL19DEX16STEA20RXN19

*rogue class


“Amateur Night, Lavender Lounge, Deck 3” Her singing was always awful, and her playing was even worse. But complaining is less boring than travel, so people went and listened anyway . . .