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Herr D

Thank you, Vampirist. Fortunately, they don’t like cities much.


Lalantie is an example of an elemental mage from Sufia, commonly called a Renaturer. This is an example of her ethereal form, where she cannot be harmed physically. Here she is trying to visualize perfect balance through her stardance. The goal would be to control all four elements as necessary for the equivalent length of her concentration in this form. She rolls three d20 + 5 for the number of rounds, a d8 (4 and above count as four,) and a d20 for the number of hundredweight in each element she can control. A critical roll means five thousandweight. Lalantie is a Renaturer graduate in her realm from an apprenticeship to Sufian legend Tandratu. She is appointed to lead a small group of travelers, non-powered, through the dream-marshes to the safety of Castle Joiga. INI20DEX11AGL9WIS18CON6CHA13  Magery stats: MEM16MAG12PSI14ELM17