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Herr D

Thanx, man!


The Nefer hacker whose codename has not yet been made public was forbidden to remain within range of any technology. So naturally, he was shipped off to TZ6058604A, the penal colony. His ship crashed and sank on TZ6058604B. It’s a bronze age level civilization on a planet with no iron or aluminum mining capability. They’ve harbored escapees and mutineers from everywhere, so the alien mix is as diverse as the penal colony. The Nefer in question IS humanoid, and so stands out a bit.

This fighter is one of the Spiky Decapods from Ghru. These guys have twelve eyes, ten tentacles, two to eight spikes per tentacle, weigh about 200 lb., and can’t get dizzy.

Slashing or stabbing to opponent like half damage of a spiked chain, treat an attack to hit like five whips from a master. AGL20DEX17STR14WIS8STR8CON5 Naturally has ‘uncanny dodge.’ Excellent mercs and infantry.


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