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Here are two more members of the gang and Electric’s right and left hand.

Christopher Varga or Chrysalis is a mutant who has an impenetrable second skin and minor superstrength. His body also creates a couple of layers of normal skin above the armored layer so he appears normal except when damaged. His armor can survive bullets, fire, and is durable to energy attacks. He is the main muscle of the gang, his impenetrability making him the perfect fighter. He seems to enjoy fighting and has yet to find an opponent who can best him, except for maybe Rico.

Wallace Cathey or Calc is the brains of the operation. Wallace has a superhuman ability to store knowledge, which in combination with his already genius level intellect has made him one of the smartest men on the planet. He uses this gift to coordinate the financials and day to day operations of the gang. He is also less violent than his two friends, preferring to stay away from the combat of street life.

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