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Report Number: 1704303
Reporting Officer: Nicolella Alexopoulou
Interviewing Officer: Detective John Yang

At 1:23 P.M. was dispatched to 57 Henry Street regarding a report of suspicious armed individuals at the rear of the building.
At 1:32 P.M. received a report of a firearm discharge originating from sewers.
Entered the sewers in pursuit of the suspects.

“Nicolella just tell us want happened in the sewers? what did you see?”
“It was so dark, i couldn’t see much, just them.
“Them? The two you brought in to custody.”
“No i didn’t see them at first just others.”

“Other’s, the dead body we recovered from the sewers?.”
“No he wasn’t a body, it was dead, dead but he moved before they shot him.”

“He moved? you mean that impact knocked him over?
“NO that man was walking, honest to god he was alive!”
“Look at the body, He’s been dead for weeks! his gone green and started to rot.”
“He walked, as did the other two.

They where alive! I headed them calling out, I saw them ignore the bullets as they walked towards us.”

“Lets leave that for now, what about the suspects…