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Ok, so, where to start?

The pose is fantastic, really gives her a rogue-ish feel right from the start. The face is wonderful, the quizzical look coming across as both serious and a little playful. I love the little details you put into the costume, of course the shackles on her feet tying into the backstory, same with the neck scarf (which I assume hides a rather nasty scar). Of course I have to mention the shading. You’ve done that Candruth thing of doing such a good job that in places I can’t tell how much you’ve actually done. The shading on the skin is especially well done and using a blue highlight to contrast the black hair adds so much depth, great idea, it really works. You could have used a darker highlighting colour on the bottom of the skirt and maybe on the top, but that’s only nitpicking.

Brilliant job.