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Rumour has it that the king of the island nation of Eresea is physically empowered by the love of his people. Most people across the globe think this is just propaganda but those who threaten Eresea’s safety know the warrior king’s strength all too well. The Emerald Emperor, ruler of Khallos, holds a particular hatred for Regent after he ended Khallos’ attempt at an invasion, thoroughly embarrassing the Emperor on live TV in the process.

Eresea, and Regent in particular, are widely applauded across the globe for their humanitarian efforts and their advancements in the field of modern medicine.

Though Regent himself rivals some of the true powerhouses of the world like Comet, he prefers to stay out of superhuman fist fights and always seeks to find a diplomatic solution. No one is entirely sure if Regents claims about the origin of his strength are true but one fact is undeniable. The Eresan people adore their king, and with good reason.


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