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Herr D

@Korus: Bazang! Welcome Korus. Hope you continue coming in ‘versus’ and ‘refrain’ from breaking any forum rules.

: Strange Train . . . ’80’s British pop video or ’90’s American new wave video?

@Chr S: I only have one weapon in my arsenal against THAT level of excellence–multiplicity of creative use in a humorous fashion!

@ev1: sorry for so much absence–IRL stuff has just multiplied recently. Trying to cram the lid back on.

. . . still on that Western theme from my last contest entry, here’s an ad from the year 2987

*Shoulder armor item made a great saddle and a fair bowlful of hamburger. The spiked hammerhead made good robot limb parts and spurs, a fair meatgrinder, and, stretched out and spun, a good blue ribbon floret. The ‘chardeesh’ (sp?) blade came in really handy. Four in the hat, two for head trim, one smile,  and one stirrup.