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Although on the outside the once grand abbey looked tranquil & peaceful, the inside however, told a very different story had the abbey still been intact. The nuns & monks that had run this place were quite strict when it came to disciplining the mixture of children that resided here, teaching them what they called spiritual enlightenment, the art of some very unorthodox fighting techniques, both unarmed & the way of countless exotic yet deadly weapons. Unknown to the children at the time, they now belonged to a very influential organisation known only to most as the Covenant of The Crimson Rose, some told of how the inhabitants were nothing but greedy grave robbers, whilst others believe a more sinister force was behind the monastery, only those most trusted guild members were aware of the truth. Most of their wealth had came from the former Queen of the Dragontooth Dunes herself, with the intention of using it as a training ground for her own personal bodyguards & assassins. Known only as Lady Maultooth, one of the students that had lived & studied here, even at a young age the girl showed no mercy, her dedication to her studies & training was almost inhuman, although her tutors sometimes questioned her mental stability, they could not help but be amazed by the almost unearthly grace, elegance & agility with which she moved.
For years they tried to control the adolescent youngsters fiery, hot headed, truly terrifying temper, most of the other students whom she was much smaller than refused to train with her for fear of being mortally wounded, perhaps even killed by this merciless, somewhat unrelenting, brutally savage & barbaric female who seemed to gain great pleasure from ripping out people’s hearts with her bare hands. Her skill with weapons scared them even more than fighting her unarmed, most couldn’t even lift the huge spear made of bone which she seemingly wielded with astonishing ease.

shoulder is the lower part of the armour, the blade is her hair and the blunt is the lower half of the spear shaft

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