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Department Of ██████, New York office,
December 22.

“Well look at you Emilie! I think the prize for most festive dress is yours.”
“Maybe, more wine?..”

December 24

Dominic felt like he’d spent the night with his head in a cement mixer.
As he opened his eyes it got worse, his alarm clock flashed that he was late.

“You look like crap Dom, did you sleep in a ditch last night?” Emaile asked him in the cheery manner that only some one that is clearly not hung over can manage.
“No i got home, but how the hell are you still up? it 3 am when i left and you where still drinking that rum.” Dominic grimiest remembering the taste.
“Continental tolerance, i’ve had more practice.
Now the bad news is the boss has given us the short straw.” Emaile sighed.
“Eh how bad can it be? just post me the details where the night shift anyway so i’m going back to bed.” Dominic muttered.

As the sun went down Dominic dressed for work in his freshly ironed blue suit, crisp red silk tie and a colt .45.

“Uh why are you Emaile dressed in a NBC suit? I thought the department had some work for us.” Dominic asked perplexed by her attire.

“Sewer Zombies. Three week old Zombies swimming in the sewers.
I said we got the short straw, so get changed.”

“Officer Nicolella to Dispatch, what did the call say about the 10-32?”
-click- “Please Standby Details to follow..”