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This is the farthest that I’ve ever gone with shading and just trying to get a picture like this. The only problem I am currently having right now, is with the face of this character. If anyone on here that has made something involving light on the face, and has a tip for me, I would like to know it.
Background on this character: this guy is one of the character in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I’m currently playing. I’m using heromachine to create all of the other characters as certain events, and introductions happen. This guy is a Tiefling Bard, and this is meant to be his more casual appearance. The rest of the characters (and I think that I’m going to post their portraits here as well) are a Tiefling Rogue, Warforged (shadowforged) Warlock, Drow Cleric (me), Goliath Paladin, and Human Barbarian. This is perhaps the most that I’ve stressed about actually adding as many layers as I have to a portrait, but I still like the result of what I make.

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