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Not sure what to say, it’s rather hard for me to find words for this in english. Maybe “i feel sorry for you” or “i pray for you to be good from now on”? Not sure what would be appropriate in this situation.

Anyway, as a cheer-up gift, i have something that you will love. A wall-of-text, that’s all about you and your creations! (Yaaaay)

First of all, i cannot admire your very very own way of Heromachine. (that’s what i admire most in almost everyone)

Your creations are original, and often, if not always, very “alive” (not sure hot to say it. And that’s another bracket for you)

Background/Scenery you make for you images are very fitting, and sometimes quite interesting.
For example, your entry for Out Of This World Pop Quiz is simply wonderful.

Stuff you make never gets boring, you always create something different, always doing something new in it’s own way, and i like it.

Special “wow!” towards series of satyr characters, they are really nice in my opinion.

I also liked your Geoff and Walnut. Watched some of the Jeffs shows(that how you name those?) some time ago and i laughted hard thanks to him.

Pieces of Heromachine art that you created and that were inspired/based on music are just wonderful.

Also, poses. You are really good at making those look as good as possible.

And that’s it. If you want, i can also give some individual comments on single pieces of Heromachine you did (wasn’t sure where to start, and ended being so unsure that i simply didn’t done it, sorry), just say a word (and wait some time since it takes ages for me to do anything)

Have a nice day!