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Been gone a while.


Short story. my toes on the left foot have gangreen (sp?) and I will lose them.

I had a procedure to check my blood flow, it was totally clogged around my knee and shin, they did go in and open them up, so we are waiting till Friday to see if that does any good for the foot, before we see how much of the actual foot I will lose, I don’t think it will be much of it.

I have been trying to be very optimistic and zen-like about all this, I had already lost the left big toes a number of years ago.

So as long as I only lose some of the foot, I shouldn’t be totally wheelchair bound once I heal.

And of course I will still be able to do Hero Machine 🙂

I have some more designs to post, but got to eat supper first. So we will see if I get to the rest of the posting.


All good thoughts, energy and prayers gladly accepted.


Blessed Be