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Tyger Tyger was an associate of the Nowhere Kids before they were the Nowhere Kids. When they were just a group of kids who happened to have super powers that they used to protect their neighborhood, Tyger Tyger helped them on several adventures. Despite only being 15 years old at the time, his weretiger form (which several generations of his family were know to have) was a presence to be reckoned with but he was also an huge softy around those he likes. The Nowhere Kids were glad to have both sides of him around.

But when the secretive organization known as the Labyrinth framed the kids for a series of crimes, they were forced to flee the city. During the chaos and confusion around their escape, Tyger Tyger was left behind.

Sidestep made several attempts to contact his friend before leaving but had no success.

In the absence of the kids, Tyger Tyger attempted to defend the neighborhood against the schemes of the Labyrinth by himself but had little success. Not only was he alone now, the authorities seemed to think he was guilty by association and knew where the Nowhere Kids had run off too.

The weretiger was hounded by the Labyrinth and the law until, one day, he simply vanished.

Those in charge of tracking down the runaway kids thought he had finally decided to join his friends, wherever they were. But he had actually been snatched by the Labyrinth.

It wasn’t until over a year later that the founding five members of the Nowhere Kids returned home, prompted by Tyger Tyger’s very public and televised return. They sought out their old friend, fearing that he may be in trouble, only to walk right into a trap.

Tyger Tyger now resented his former friends for leaving him behind to deal with their mess. Whatever happened to Tyger Tyger after being abducted by the Labyrinth, it changed him. The friendly and lovable Tyger had become an angry, vicious young man and was now obsessed with taking revenge on his former friends.

Tyger Tyger

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