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Michael Chiarcos


I like your work.  You have some very interesting ideas and you have a good grasp of style but I’m going to assume that you posted your work to get some critique.

There are some minor issues that you can address that will make a vast improvement on your work; little details that will make a huge difference.

Your Amazon’s face looks a little too small with larger than standard eyes.  It’s sort of like looking at an adult with a teenagers face pasted on it.  Transforming the face slighty larger will help.

You have a minor issue with layers.  If you look closely at your Amazon, you will see that her necklace appears to be beneath her tattoo.  The same can be said for her bangs falling beneath her eyebrows.

If you transform the brassiere horrizontally, you won’t have any issue with side-boob escape and her loincloth needs to be centered a small bit.

I don’t know where the lines across the image are coming from but they have to go.


Other than the above, a very fine piece of work.



P.S., I don’t do a great deal of work on HM but I’m a stickler for details like I mentioned.  I may not have much in the way of talent but what I do, I try to do as best as I can so don’t take anything I say personally and of course it’s all my opinion.  Cheers