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Herr D

“Inukshuk Eavesdrops” Just a comics page.



“Dearest Randine,

I sold our wyrmhide to John Forgetaylor, best armorer in the land. I stood at the edge of his shoppe watching him work his hides with hammer, fang-awl, and tempered curve-needels. His smiths make the frames, of course, and his hot-sawyers remove the fangs and claws to save him time. I had only missed the careful butchery of a wain-sized mother and colt-sized hatchlings by a day, my luck. But with the ev’n came free heat for the township, as the smiths and hot-sawyers had broken open her heart the reste of the way, and the grinders had already begun the final shaping of the egg-shelle fragments. Forgive me, Randine, as I will no doubt be a full two days late returning. I will, however, return with the shaped plates for our engraver personally, and so we will save enough on the shipping that we can have our whole wedding party dine upon our new dish pattern.

All My Love,