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Cindy Lee was a highly skilled intelligence operative for the United States government until she stumbled across a secret her superiors didn’t want anyone to know. She was betrayed and left for dead by the people she trusted with her life. A burned asset, left to die.

But Cindy managed to survive, barely. Now driven almost entirely by thoughts of revenge, she sought out anything that could help her and found it in a most unexpected place. The world of magic. A deal with the ancient sorceress, Rose Red, granted Cindy control over fire in exchange for occasionally serving Rose’s own plans.

Cindy didn’t even hesitate to accept and set out to destroy everyone who had betrayed her.

Since that day, the newly christened Miss Fyre has seemingly descended into madness, becoming a rampaging maniac whose goals are now difficult to discern. She seems as likely to help a random stranger as she is to burn them alive. Those who know the sorceress Rose Red often attribute this to her as they know she has a tendency to grant others great power but with a steep cost. In this case, it may have been Cindy’s sanity. Those who knew Cindy before her time as Miss Fyre, however, will tell you that she was always somewhat unhinged.

Miss Fyre has become one of the most dangerous people anyone could encounter and has even turned her back on Rose Red after she tried to transform Cindy into a monster in order to save her own skin in a battle with the Keeper. The sorceress tried to take back her gift but found that the fire had bonded to Cindy on a level she hadn’t expected.

Now there is no one controlling Miss Fyre and the world may burn because of it.


Okay so you guys have no doubt seen me mention the various characters that I play in DC Universe Online like Bad Dog and Talon. Well Miss Fyre here is the original. The first character I made in that game.

I’ve put off making her here for so long because her look was just to complicated for me to recreate but I recently simplified her costume. This isn’t an exact recreation but it’s close enough.

Miss Fyre

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