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CDC- Triple Play

Joe Fareville was never supposed to be a villain. He had a normal life: wife, kids, dog, a house in the suburbs and a good job. All his life had been normal too; middle-class upbringing, football scholarship that hadn’t panned out but Joe had been okay with that and went into economics instead. He’d been with his job at a multinational company for many years, when he came into work one day to find the doors locked and federal agents everywhere. The Board of Directors had left, taking everything with them. Despite his experience, Joe couldn’t find another job and soon began to lose everything. He turned bitter, and it led to an acrimonious divorce. Having nothing to lose, he and a number of other ex-employees pooled their resources and bought a derelict ship, making their way to their bosses’ last-known island location. Except the Board were members of a secret cabal, using their money to fund experiments and global destabilization. No one knows what happened, but a year later the governments of the world received an ominous message from Joe Fareville, now called Admiral Death. The cabal was his, he rasped through a black mask, and the governments that had allowed this to happen would pay. All of them would pay.

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