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No, I’m not just being weirdly descriptive or lazy with these names. They’re named after atomic bombs.

When the nuclear powered her known as Atomic’s powers became unstable, he tried his best to reach an unpopulated area. He managed to avoid killing anyone in the explosion caused by his eventual death but the fallout poisoned the inhabitants of a small town.

Only four people survived the exposure to the radiation but they gained bizarre powers and became twisted both physically and mentally.

Fat Man, Little Boy and Black Betty, under the leadership of Mind Wave, formed The Children of the Atom, a radical group that initially sought to end the use of nuclear energy but eventually  shifted their goals due to Mind Wave’s growing megalomania.

Fat Man, the human warhead, is easily the groups muscle. Little boy is a far more sinister threat though. Actually the oldest member of the group, his enormous eyes can hypnotise people to do his bidding.

Fat Man and Little Boy

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