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Mr. Vaudeville


Alias: The Huntress
Legal Name: Savannah Westenberg
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Ethnicity: White South African
Occupation: Criminal; Assassin; Hunter/Tracker; Poacher
Height: 6′ 0″
Body Type: Muscular, Lithe
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Hair Type: Long, Wavy
Eye Colour: Green/Grey
Skin Colour: White/Tan
Species: Superhuman

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Superhuman senses, healing factor.
Details/Limitations: Senses of sight, smell, and hearing are all drastically enhanced to animal-like levels, including being able to see telescopically and with night vision. Healing factor and superhuman immune system allows for healing of severe wounds in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months, and provides resistance against most diseases. Additionally, her strength, agility, and endurance are permanently at the level of peak human ability.
Abilities/Skills: Hunting, tracking, zoology, gunplay (especially rifles), knife-fighting, boxing, wrestling, stealth.
Costume: Standard costume consists of a reinforced, fireproof bodysuit; spiked gauntlets; mask; boots; belts; and animal pelts/furs. Has alternate costumes for various environments, including arctic gear, urban camo, and jungle camo.
Weapons: Usually carries a custom sniper rifle and at least one concealed hunting knife in addition to spiked gauntlets. Has access to assorted firearms and melee weapons, but generally prefers the rifle, knives, or bare hands.
Gadgets/Tech: Belt contains several hidden tracking devices. Occasionally uses signal jammers, EMPs, and other electronic warfare devices.
Physical Weaknesses: Allergic to penicillin.
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Vulnerable to psychic attack.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Obsessive, methodical, assertive, blunt, outspoken.
Likes: Big-game hunting, alcohol, guns, sports, travel, getting her own way.
Dislikes: Animals, loosing a target, chauvinism, prison, superheroes.
Habits/Quirks: A surprisingly mysterious individual, despite her no-nonsense, straightforward attitude. Little is known of her past before she became a well known figure in the South African criminal underworld. Unknown to most, she was raised by relatively rich parents of Dutch descent, and led a privileged life – developing passions for sport hunting and luxurious parties, and getting mixed up with some unsavoury characters. Gaining permanent superpowers with an prototype version of the serum later used by Alley Cat, she found that she fit into the criminal lifestyle well, hiring herself out as a ruthless and successful assassin and mercenary. She’s obsessed with adding famous heroes to her trophy list. Often incorporates her animal kills into her costumes.
Fears: Snakes, sharks.
Family: Dirk and Johanna Westenberg (parents)
Romantic Interests:
Allies: Warhead, Tarantula, Alley Cat, Monsoon, The Botanist, I.Q., The Brass Bison
Affiliation: Lawless Earth Network
Enemies: United States Sentinels, Society of European Superheroes, Indo-Asian Superhuman Assembly, Apex Squad, Iron Patrol.


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