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@ Vengeance  Thanks, mate! I love my “Unknown” character, and AMS’s “Alpha” character is one of my all time favorites of his. The match up between the two was something that seemed to have some epic possibilities. Even the corrupted version of “Unknown” holds a place near and dear to me.

@ JR *sigh* Where to start?? My computer that I HM on died. (Still not fixed) The day after I posted The pic of corrupted Unknown the department of social services showed up at my front door. Long story short… They didn’t leave us alone for nine months. I had a bit of the Mary Jane in my system, so I spent seven of those months going through substance abuse classes. 😛 (A little side note… Couldn’t find my creative juices when i stopped smoking. Apparently this little side effect is called “State Dependent Learning” It comes back in time, but it’s like relearning to tie your shoes or something. )    Good things come from it though…I meet a cool dude that quickly became a good friend and mentor, I got to tell the mother in law to fuck off and never come back, We got help with the kids insurance issues that we alone were having problems fixing, and the family as a whole has gotten a lot of their issues worked out.  And to add a cherry on top of my shitty ass 2016… My dad passed away on the 21st of December. Here’s hope’n 2017 is a hell of a lot better than the last! Also…  *WARNING* DCUO is highly addictive. Thanks to “AnarchAngel” for introducing me to that time burner.

So that’s my year in a nut shell. With all that said… I really missed you guys!! I got banned from pulling a disappearing act again so hopefully I will see a lot more of yall! Much love!