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All of my original ideas died with 2016, so have some remakes. Was possibly thinking of putting some of my designs on a personal section of my website/creative portfolio, and to me that warranted a taking advantage of my week off work and redesigning some of my faves…

SPECTRUM – 2017 DESIGN (full size)

Gave everybody more individual looks, corresponding to the color I assigned them and to their personalities that exist in my head. I see Vex and Aperture as kind of a duo, maybe they’re initially antagonists to the team, but eventually get welcomed into the fold.

SAVIORS – 2017 DESIGN (full size)

Similar look/feel updates, a few name changes.

– Ishmerai’s uniform is a lot more bandage-y, but I thought it could tie into his mystic background as if his costume was comprised of scrolls of sacred text that imbue him with protection and strength.

– Changed Almanac and Conduit’s look the most. Might change their backstory a bit. More of a Pygmalion type deal (but with AI!).