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………………..So…yeah…This guy happened.


I originally came up with this character a while back but didn’t give him the heromachine treatment because I could never settle on a look that I liked.

He’s supposed to be kind of like a trucker who, instead of driving a truck, uses a suit of armour that effectively makes him like a human truck….You don’t want to get hit by either.


Clancy O’Brian was always teased for his size, even as a child, he was abnormally tall and overweight. But he was also immensely strong and he knew it. By the time he hit high school, Clancy had become a bully and a thug, terrorising anyone he even thought was making fun of him.

When he dropped out of school (or rather, when he was kicked out for bullying) he only seemed to get angrier as he continued to get larger, eventually becoming hired muscle for the many criminals in his city.

Clancy’s younger and far more intelligent brother, however, couldn’t be any different. Ryan was not only accepted into several prestigious colleges due to his impressive intelligence, he actually invented a powered suit to help Clancy with his decreasing mobility, whose sheer size was having a serous impact on his spine. Eventually, he would end up paralysed if not for his brothers suit.

But rather than showing some deserved gratitude, Clancy forced Ryan to upgrade the suit even further to enhance his already considerable strength. Fearful of his brother, and rightfully so, Ryan complied.

Sick and tired of just being a lackey, Clancy adopted the name Wide Load and decided to use his size and strength to take all of the things he thought he rightfully deserved.

Clancy isn’t just an angry psychopath though, as evidenced by his infatuation with Knockout.

When Wide Load met the young heroine, he fell madly and passionately in love with her. He even tried to show her that he could be a good guy for a time. But when she continually rebuked him, he eventually snapped, thinking that it was because of his size.

In her defence, Knockout was gay and wasn’t interested in any man. At this point in time, Knockout hadn’t come out to anyone but her closest friends and wasn’t comfortable telling a crazy criminal like Clancy.

Since then, Wide Load has become one of Knockout’s most recurring foes. He’s still obsessed with her but he’s not above showing his anger. He never has been.

Wide Load

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