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I hope you won’t mind, but i will comment on your creations starting from beginning of 2015 (i don’t want to comment stuff that’s too old, since i know that how people do stuff changes over time, i hope you aren’t mad for that)

Black Tarantula is cute. I mean, creepy! Creepy as hell itself!
Background fits well to what’s in front of it.
Nice effects in front of character(smoke, light flash (or however it is called in english) )

No Pole is just hilarious.
The character on it itself makes me laugh.
Everything else doubles, or even triples funny-effect this piece of HM has on me.

Fury sure looks furious.
Red, lots of red. Me like red. Bloody good color.
Glow from his eyes and effects on his hands looks fine.
I wonder if people think he is Fur(r)y.

Two Figures Until The End is really romantic in my opinion, and that’s good.
Loving sunset/sunrise (not sure) effect and sea shimmering with light.
Also, hardly visible stars on the sky are another nice touch to this creation.

Creation that is used for your avatar, wow!
Dark, creepy, terrifying, monster-like character! Me in love!
Once again, eye glow is in my opinion well made.

Silhouette of War is epic.
I like how you can make creations where characters are black due to light behind them look so good.
Atmosphere in this piece of art is amazing, good job with that one.

King (aka Test Post) is yet another creation that calls my soul to the depths of evil void, yay!
Shade effect on his face adds him a lot of levels when it comes to being as scary as possible.
Character design itself also deserves big praise.

Darkened Dove (aka King-Queen scenes) looks like beautiful, yet sad, fairytale, i love it.
Everything, from story this is telling, to the characters and how you made them, is really nice.

Now, creations from the first post from September 6, 2015:

#1 is simple, yet great.
Again, something in style that i love. Creepy, terrifying, and quite sad at the same time.
This is truly one great piece of perhaps symbolic creation.

#2 looks great, in my opinion it perfectly shows what love is.
I love chaos of shapes in middle, where everything seems to mix and dance around hearth.
You also did really good job on colors when it comes to this piece, with is mostly noticeable on the faces of man and woman.

#3 also deserves some nice words in my opinion.
I like alien creature, she fits perfectly with it’s simple design.
I also adore the technology showed on this creation: holograms, holo-map, and especially the holographic-controls effect.
Great job on that one.

Female/angelic character in second post from that day is nice.
I like her clothes really much, fits well for something holy.
i also find it nice that you used shadows + clouds to make visible difference between flying and standing.

The Symbol seems fine.
I prefer first color scheme due to darker overall effect, but second one is also not bad.

Mad Cat//Cheshire Hatter//Mad_Hatter+Cheshire_Cat_combo is calling me, and i love it’s call.
Disturbing, both characters and atmosphere you created with usage of darkness, rain, shadows and creepy smoke.
Black+gray background fits this horrifying creation greatly.
I also find girl outfit to be quite cute, since for me scary=cute.

Now, time for first gif – the one about glancing suspiciously.
Its great, hilarious and great.
I like how his nose also sticks above the wall.

Shooting hand gif is also nice.
Looks quite smooth and that’s good.

The image with light and (head and hands of) bandit is really nice.
In my opinion light/shine effects and shadow of hand looks really nice.

Again, funny gif with wall, even better than first one.
Is even smoother and is also funny for me.

You also did great job on Pow! gif.
Again, smooth and nice gif with no visible flaws, you are really good at it.

Something New/Girl in Red Dress is really, really sweet.
Simple, yet so beautiful and looking really alive.
This snow-thing effect also impressed me.

Two Figures in Moonlight creation is yet another fantastic HM piece of yours.
Lovely and very nice.
You really stand out with how you create pieces like this one.

Two things not related at all:

#1 Looks nice, i see you played with energy effects a lot here.
For me it looks really nice. Shine from energy looks as it should look in my opinion and that’s good.

#2 is great Black and White piece.
Two contrasting sides of creation are both well looking and nice.
I like this quite-symbolic for me creation, well done.

And finally latest piece, Metallica-fan-demon.
Quite demonish look of character is nice, flames on the guitar give really good effect.
I also like this heavy-metal (ba-dum-tss) outfit. of demon. Sweet.

Your nick might be Mr.Nobody, but for me you are quite someone with great and quite unique style and ideas.
I wish you a lot of ideas and energy to keep creating in HM.