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Herr D


Uh . . . I’m not necessarily going to be online for most of 12/20-12/24, so I have to point out that if you’re eager for full participation, I may be late with several of mine–I’ll understand if my list is last on others’ lists.


Uh–Cliff? I couldn’t help but sort of combine #’s 1,2, & 4 . . . The next post has the text. I forgot to include the feather in the pic below.


My list:

1. A little snowman in an open freezer next to a box of ice cream holding a spoon.

2. A gingerbread man making a gingerbread woman.

3. A base jumper in mid-air doing some Mission Impossible thing (defusing a falling nuclear bomb, snapping a photo through a 747’s window, out-shooting three other spies . . .)

4. A rich man looking grateful while receiving a penny.

5. A bug eating its way out of an apple.