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Let’s see from where i have to start…

Midnight Enigma is nicely detailed in my opinion.
Her costume looks simple at first, but after a while i noticed that really subtle patterns that are really nice touch to this creation.
As some before me said, magic effect/arm glow is nice, truly nice.
Colors, highlights and overall design is great, wonderful sorceress

Silent also looks interesting and good.
His color scheme fits assassin character in my opinion, and colors itself are also fitting to the costume he wears.
That yellow “Smile Face” tho. Laughted when saw it (it contrasts so much i couldn’t stop for a moment). Not sure what’s worse – that someone send assassin to kill you, or that trolly yellow smile being last thing you will see in your life.
Nothing bad about him, only good and well made stuff.

ps. Right now (as i write this part) i noticed comment about the way Silent would show his emotions. Interesting and unique in my opinion, nice.

Delta is such realistic character in her story, and at the same time great creation from HM.
I like when characters have fears/flaws and aren’t perfect good / ultimate evil characters, so even more “good job!” for her story.
Her costume/armor is quite nice. Both colors and design itself are great.
Highlights on this piece are well done also.

Neuro has super (hehe, super) superpower in my opinion.
I like that black-purple-pink combination on her.
Again highlights add nice touch to the overall look of character.

Hurt interested me really much.
Her powers sounds like it make her somewhat of a dramatic/forced evil hero, i like that kind of stuff.
Great “i’m evil and i know it” costume, colors, design, everything speaks “evil force, do not approach”
I also adore her mask (it’s a mask, yes? ;_; i am not sure).

Rabid is good animal/half-animal character for me.
His right arm is just amazing, loving it.
Rest of the costume is also well made.
Looks truly ferocious.

Serenity Miller has long, but truly worth reading history/backstory.
Loving her, Scar and his friends, and of course, The Dark One!
On the created piece she has really nice clothes, liking it.
Also, great idea with The Dark One leaning out from behind the text.

Wiki is simple and nice.
Sounds smart, knows a lot, i like it.
Her clothes are pleasing for my eyes. All hail the normal clothes!

Anansi is character i love to look on (i like spiders)
Colors are just perfectly fitted.
Costume is great.
these spider legs look sooo good in gold.

Toxin for sure has style when it comes to costumes.
Design fits the biological/chemical killer/scientist.
once again (sorry if i’m starting to repeat itself), colors just intensifies that “i’m evil” fells that he is surrounded with.

Apex is one wonderful piece of superhero.
His powers are unique and amazing at the same time.
Costume itself speaks “city warrior” no matter at what part i look at.

Komodo is based of reptile. Me like reptile. Me love reptile => me love komodo.
His armor is great. I mostly adore his shoulderpads (not sure why).
Of course, helm is also well made, just like the rest of his costume.
Shadows/highlights are really, really well made on this creation.

Lady Mantis gives me strong “Deadly Woman” vibes, good.
I like how her simple spear contrasts with her colorful and detailed costume, gives her unique charm.
costume/armor itself fits overall villain theme of hers, its nice.

El Toro Loco is for me great(looking) superhero.
Bull theme and colors are well fitted into overall design.
I like how his costume turns from completely black and heavily armored on limbs to light and colorful on torso.

The violent vigilante Valkyrie… Tried to speak it 3 times with my bad english and failed ;-; You broke my tongue!
Anyway, i like her. Combining modern firearms with nordic style sounds, and is great idea.
I also like how you kept balance between going modern and going nordic when it comes to her costume, good job on that.

Jupiter truly looks godly. And thunder-y. And levitate-y.
Classic superhero style with this color scheme is truly magnificent and gives off the “im mighty” vibes all around.
Thunder-shaped gloves and belt aren’t to sparkly, but that’s good, everything in Jupiter is fine as it is.

Invictus sounds like ancient gladiator, and looks like modern (probably england) gladiator, it’s really nice character.
I like this style. His costume isn’t on his entire body, and it’s also kinda not 100% costume, more like very unique and specific set of clothes that serves as costume, bonus points for that (not that i use points now)
Mask on his head fits him and looks good.

Vanguard, and you know, that in Russia you don’t want have super powers, it’s super powers that want to have you!
Great country-themed hero. Colors are nice, his costume with armor elements fits his raw-human-power style.
I also love how everything is made around his muscular body, again, fits Vanguard really well.

Terra is one sweet piece of nature superhero.
Loving the idea of no-shoes+dirty-legs, gives even more nature feels then it would without it.
Just noticed that you always manage to use black in such a way on the costume that it fits anyone. Even here, on nature hero, black isn’t bad thing, and that i find strangely amusing.

(looking at new version)
Mademoiselle Dubois is so, so, sssssso in my style. It speaks to me. It wants me (to die horribly)! ;_;
She is in fact simple, but she gives of crazy levels of creepiness. Me love creepy ladies.
Her normal clothes actually doubles the power of how mysterious she looks like.
Umbrella fits nice to all of this.

(looking at new version)
Phoenix truly looks like someone who was criminal, color scheme and pose are proof of it.
His overall design is great.
Colors picked for said design have same level of greatness.

Dragonfly is great when it comes to using theme in hero costume.
Wings fit him nice, and costume itself is well made in my opinion.
Soft glow of his gauntlets and belt adds him unique touch.
Also, i think that his in-air pose is really good.

I love contrast that is in Kodiak.
Upper half looks truly animalistic, raw, powerful, belts doesn’t destroy, and even add to that effect.
Lower half is like someone wanted to make pants and gauntlets out of tanks. Not just one, but few tanks.
Also, nice hi-tech feel on said gauntlets.
Highlights on metal all well made in my opinion.

Nyx, Nyx, oh Nyx… Is she free on next saturday? ;-;
To say it simply, i love her. Dark, omnius, creepy and supernatural.
I also adore how she has details despite being almost completely black.
Wonderful design.

Medical droid is great, i love totally unique creations with non-standard ideas for stuff.
Eyes, electric-panel mouth (not sure if that is correct name for it), and everything, just great.
He is also completely adorable. Would hug him, or even harm myself just for him to come.

Talon is also pleasing for the eyes.
I like his whip-like weapons, pretty sure i never seen weapons like that before.
Color theme amazing, costume design also, and that teenager smile, fits him just right.

And that’s it. Thanks for creating such wonderful characters.