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Salvador Blackblood is an alien from another planet. A planet which he had be banished for attempting to take over the planet. Salvador stole enough seeds before he was banished. The seeds which he can grow a new army, but he had to first find a new planet to plant those seeds. After years of searching Salvador comes across earth. Unfortunately the earth is not right to grow his army. He tried to kill the plants and trees, but he ran into earth’s superheroes. Injured and shamed Salvador went into the shadows to recruit people to make his ultimate doomsday machine in order to kill all life on earth. Now his only hope lies within a handful of geeks to help make his ultimate doomsday machine. In order to keep the superheroes of earth from stopping him Salvador grants all the nerds superpowers to help keep the heroes of earth distracted.

I used the ears as a part of the shoulder pads, the top I used as part of his helmet, and the mouth piece I used as strings for his belt.

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