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CDC- 300

A topic right up my alley, titled as a reference to a movie I love? How could I not? After much-hair tearing and frustration (mostly due to out-of-order layers and un-masked items upon reloading), she’s done! I’ve posted her before, most recently as ‘Veteran of Many Battles’, but there were some elements of the armor I wanted to change and some things I wanted to add and tweak to really get the image in my head onto the screen. So here she is, finally under her own name, Evera Blade-Wielder! We’ve known one another for a very long time, and in fact she’s one of my oldest, and one of my dearest characters.

Quick bio: Though of Celt and Saxon blood, Evera grew up far from her homeland. She learned the tales of the Greeks moreso than of her own people, and alongside that learned fighting, battle tactics, and to harness her inherent magic. She was shipwrecked in a vicious storm and left with no memory of herself and only the sword on her back. She joined an army of mercenaries led by Ares, the god of war himself, on the strength of her skill. Later, she become the Commander of her unit, the Hydras, and helped to rebuild them after a devastating loss. Never did she expect to catch the eye of Ares himself, but the two became lovers and eventually married after her memories returned. Evera fights in plate and mail and her preferred weapons are sword and shield, though she carries two daggers with her as well. She also proudly wears homages to the Greek legends: a crested helm, a scarlet Spartan cloak, and the lambda painted on her shield, making her a striking figure on the battlefield.

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