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Christi S

Alrighty, well, days comin to a close and it doesn’t look like we’re getting any late entries so… TO THE JUDGMENT! XD


– Keric: I really like the layered way the scene is done, and how everything was made to fit into the setting of some sci-fi planet with, I have to assume, either odd geological chemistry or light gravity! 2/2!

– Herr D: I love the perspective and angles in the piece, as well as the motion it captures really well. I do however feel like a couple components came off slightly awkward, like the torso and wrist. 1/2!

Element Composition:

– Keric: All the pieces fit really well into the scene. Its just very cohesive. 3/3!

– Herr D: The background piece and eyes are used flawlessly, but I feel like the gun, either because of the dimensions or colors, stands out and seems kind of cartoony in the context. 2/3!


– Keric: I’m impressed by the “forcefield generators”, even without changing the piece significantly; I definitely don’t see “gun”. And the eye crab is equal parts cute and creepy, but I would have liked to see it incorporated into something more than being an element unto itself. The background, while it works very well compositionally, was not repurposed. 1/3!

– Herr D: I absolutely ADORE the painting and pallet uses, and I’d NEVER have tagged the hair if you hand’t pointed it out! And while the “blowdryer” is a bit awkward aesthetically, its still a super clever used of the piece that I for one wouldn’t have thought of! 3/3!


– They’re both really nice, fun, well-constructed, pieces, but I think I have to give this point to Herr D. The perspective, as well as all the little details (the scalp stubble, the tag sticking out of the collar, the paint stains on the brush handle) just really complete the picture for me.


– Keric: 6

– Herr D: 7

Herr takes it by a hair! =P