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Sorry I’ve been gone so long! I was pretty sick there for a while. Turned out I had cancer, but luckily it was in an organ I can live without, so they took it out. And then just as I was more or less recovered from that, I developed these terrible joint pains that turned out to be rheumatoid arthritis. They gave me anti-inflamatories to keep it under control until I can see a rheumatologist. (A two-month wait!) So I GUESS the warranty on my body just ran out or something. I just turned 39 this month, thought I still had a year to go before that happened, but oh well …

ANYWAY, while I was laid up, I started writing a story about a woman who accidentally acquires a demon servant, and lately I’ve been playing Fallen London (my character is Amrys if anyone else is playing and wants to send me your calling card) and so I have had dapper devils on my mind. Like one Mr. Jasper Brimley. Or perhaps they are Miss Jasper Brimley. One never knows for sure with some devils.


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