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Thanks My shared superhero universe is called the Event Universe most heroes and villains , have gotten there powers as the after effect of a “probability storm” that passed through the solar system in the 80’s.

I like the single-point-in-time explanation for super heroes. It works better, in my opinion, than most complex explanations.

The storm has changed the genetic make-up of approx. 2 people out of every 1000 people on Earth.

I like this story mechanic because it’s simple. It basically gives you limitless latitude on the number of heroes you can make, but it’s less simplistic than Marvel’s mutant “x-factor”.

Almost all Event powers are telekinetic in nature , but manifest in different ways, (i.e.) one person will get T.K. powers that manifest as super strength , but another will be able to slow down atoms to freeze objects, Even people who seem to use magic and or science are taping into T.K. powers ( for example most of the armored users their suits will only work for them, a few can extend their T.K. so that others can use their equipment) most of the Event effected are unaware of exactly how their powers work they just know they work.

This is interesting, because it leaves open the possibility that an empowered person could lose their powers due to a change in, say, brain chemistry.

Their are also some off-world Aliens , and some Alien/human hybrids, and to top that off a few other dimensional beings .

All mainstays of the superhero world, certainly! ;-] Thank you for the explanation, Vengeance! ^_^