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also spelled Ùruisg
A Scottish version of the Satyr. It has the body of a human from above and of a goat below. They have small horns on their heads and they live in the forest people. They have a strong sexual behaviour and like to get drunk often.

In Scottish folklore the Urisk was described as having the upper half of a man and the lower half of a goat. The Urisk was said to haunt pools of water and waterfalls near the Scottish Highlands. Often chronicled as being very lonely, the Urisk would seek out human companionship; however the unusual nature of his physical appearance often frightened away anyone he would try to interact with.
Like many folk legends at the time the Urisk was known to help farmers tend to their fields, they where also known to frighten humans by following them through the dark and lonely places of the world.

Dougal Gobher,  the Urisk bagpiper
(gobher is the Scottish Gaelic word for goat)

Busking Allowed! Satyr playing bagpipes Vancouver

(I was very proud of the bagpipes I created)

July 2014 I posted him (and 33 other entries, yeah, a lot) in Inspired by Music CDC
I didn’t place with Duncan, then just named Gobhran, But I did with Pan creating the World.

and here was the song inspiration at the time Scotland The Brave on bagpipes

I should have posted this as the song inspiration >}:^{D>
Iris & Rose – Scotland Depraved: Bring Me Some Whiskey Mother

Oh and I am posting it here, because, Yes Aulos met him at Bardic College  >}:^{D>


3rd time trying to post this, so I am not going to LINK the links and see it it works that way.

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