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Mr. Vaudeville


Alias: High Voltage
Legal Name: Lorenzo Iñigo Ortega
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Ethnicity: Latin-American
Occupation: Appliance Repair; Certified Electrician; Superhero
Height: 5′ 10″
Body Type: Thin, Athletic
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Type: Short, Styled
Eye Colour: Blue-Green
Skin Colour: Olive/Tan
Species: Superhuman

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Electrokinesis, limited technopathy.
Details/Limitations: Able to generate, absorb, sense, and control electricity and electric phenomena; allowing for energy attacks that can stun/kill enemies or destroy/disable electronic devices and systems, and the ability to telekinetically control most electronic devices in the area. Absorbing more electricity equals more power. By absorbing enough electrical energy, he can unleash a massive EMP and knock out all electrical power for several blocks in all directions.
Abilities/Skills: Electronics/electrical engineering, business, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Costume: Impact and fire resistant bodysuit; conductive, armour plated gloves, briefs, and boots; mask; utility belt/harness.
Gadgets/Tech: Utility belt contains; medical supplies, cable ties, wire cutters/multi-tool, small digital camera, short range tracking device with scanner, and other small tools as necessary.
Physical Weaknesses: Self-generated power isn’t too great without additionally absorbing more electrical energy; powers have no effect against non-conductive materials; not particularly well armoured.
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Weak against psychic attack.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Sociable, outgoing, relaxed, intuitive, calm.
Likes: Technology, cars, music, photography, sports.
Dislikes: Swimming, dancing, drug-related crime, fish.
Habits/Quirks: Surprisingly mature for his age, polite and approachable. Enjoys being social just as much as spending time alone. Naturally gifted with electronics, he’ll take any excuse to mess around with technology, for which he has endless youthful enthusiasm. Generally Level-headed and patient, always stays calm in stressful situations, and has a very quiet temper. Keen to learn from his more experienced peers, he’s thankful for every opportunity to prove himself.
Fears: Accidentally using too much power, the temptation to use his powers for evil.
Family: Isabel Ortega (Mother)
Romantic Interests:
Allies: The Blue Rune, Velocity, Ape-X, Goldwing.
Affiliations: Apex Squad, Terran Defence Corps.
Enemies: The Mutant Syndicate, Tau Magi, Church of the Fractured Dawn, The Lawless Earth Network.


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