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Next up is Pathfinder characters of the other players

NPC – Captain Malfoy Madrake, made to GM specifications

Drow tribute – Welcome to the Underdark
Music: Son of rust – Welcome to chaos

150 yr old Drow Captain of the Stardancer,

a Mindflayer is a1st mate,
the 100 crewmen is composed of
some 30 odd Goblins,
a few kobalds in kitchen and repairs,
some Orcs, 1/2Orcs, 1/2 Ogres
and some Hobgoblin Marines
It turns out with the help of Ioun Stones and a Red Dragon furnace, the Ship not only sails, not only flies, but also travels through Time.

my Faun bard, Aulos fell in love with Captain Mandrake and they have had a relationship going for about 4 months now.



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