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Part 5

Carburettors and cannibal.


The night was icy cold and dark, as a woman waited in the shadows.
The dieing orange glow of a cigarette lit her face, as she glance at her watch.
She was tall with lean, almost predatory look in her razor sharp blue eyes.
She flicked the last of her cigarette in to the gutter and and ground under her stiletto heel.

It was a risky job this one, dangerous too with the new client but she need the money without it she’d be dead soon.

Another cigarette slipped in to her ruby lips as her wait ended.
The car slowed to a stop at the far end of the ally and he got out, the local sheriff.

A gun bulged under his shoulder as he walked to her, so she let her coat slide open showing him the large Beretta submachine gun.

“a… ar.. Are you the “exterminator”? the sheriff all but whispered his voice betraying his nerves.

The woman just look at him her face blank as she took one last puff before she crushed the smouldering cigarette in her fingers.

“No I’m Lillian, and i’m an assassin and you call me such, i’m not an exterminator, a cleaner, a torpedo, a plumber, a wet boy, a mechanic, a jackal, a hatchet man, a trigger girl, or any other crap like that.
I’m here to kill for money and that all, are you clear on that?.
Good, now you have the money for the down payment?

“what? but.. but we haven’t discussed who i’m hiring you for.”
“Do you think it matter’s? your the Sheriff and i’m the bounty hunter to bring them in dead.So who do i kill?”

“I need you kill the local branch of the Satan’s Cossacks.”

“Ok im going to ask you for two things.

One fifteen thousand dollars for each of them.

Two you give me your duty side arm, because i want you to be the one that runs the crime scene.

Do we have a deal?”….