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Herr D

Apex knows the city like no other. That’s not just some poetic nonsense about being street smart. He’s literally connected to the city via a mental link. Out in the middle of nowhere, Apex is powerless but in the city, he becomes super strong, fast, agile, can leap great distances and is practically invulnerable. He can climb the side of buildings, communicate with them and even “control” them, to a certain extent. To Apex, cities are living, breathing entities and he sees criminals and those who would do it harm as a disease. “Crime is the disease. Apex is the cure.” – Epic voice over guy.

<p class=”wp-caption-text”>Apex</p>

By control, do you mean like, not fall in an explosion or fall all around people without hitting them and cushion the fall of people inside? Or like reroute power and phone to thwart crime? Conference call the police station during criminal exchanges, that sort of thing? Interesting concept.