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Herr D

Thanx, guys!


I am surprised to find a strong aversion to doing this piece. The perspective or scale is off here. The gallery wall wasn’t this good-looking, the curtain was tattered– (BEFORE it was torn slightly on the way out.) There was a sign that said ‘Keep Back’ a few inches in front of the cheap plastic pedestal.

I didn’t know where my Kodak disk camera was at the time, and I had almost never taken pictures of my art before. There is almost no evidence I did art before my heromachine days.

The theft was given up on. It had been raining, so what little blood trail there was disappeared right outside the building. Like so many crimes, it went unsolved.

As to the swan itself, it was spikier, and more functional. The welder was great, and an artist in his own right. He fixed at least three mistakes I made in the diagrams and probably improved the overall design with extra joins in the neck he said he made for strength.

This may be the only pic of mine I don’t want to look at long enough to make right.



In the taxidermist’s shop, there was a conversation piece. Striking three was the most comical, somehow, it went “tick tock, tick tock, tick tock!”