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Mr. Vaudeville


Alias: Dr. Crane
Legal Name: Stanley J. Crane
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Ethnicity: American
Occupation: Doctor/surgeon; genetic engineer; mad scientist; mobster; Doctor and scientist for the Mutant Syndicate.
Height: 5″11
Body Type: Stocky, powerful
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Hair Type: Short, thick, wiry.
Eye Colour: Hazel
Skin Colour: Light
Species: Mutant

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Superhuman intellect, heightened strength, dexterity, and reflexes, left arm physically mutated up to the elbow.
Details/Limitations: Born with a superhuman intellect, the rest of his mutations/powers are the result of self inflicted genetic engineering. The mutated arm is only cosmetically different, and still functions as a ‘normal’ hand. Strength, dexterity and reflexes heightened to twice peak human levels.
Abilities/Skills: Genetic engineering, medical science, biology, chemistry, electronics.
Costume: Brown business suit with light orange shirt, dark brown tie and shoes; spectacles. When in the laboratory, he swaps the suit jacket for a lab-coat and the spectacles for scientific goggles.
Weapons: Occasionally carries syringes containing non lethal poisons and chemical agents.
Gadgets/Tech: Laboratory full of expensive scientific and medical equipment. Provides assorted chemical and electronic weapons to the Mutant Syndicate.
Physical Weaknesses: No real close combat skills.
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Though invulnerable to most psychic attack, he has no psychic powers of his own. Slightly insane.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Eccentric, sinister, skittish, clinical.
Likes: Science, genetic experimentation, mutants, 70’s music.
Dislikes: The regular scientific community, authority, spicy food.
Habits/Quirks: Eccentric and quirky, he slowly descended into madness as his mental power developed, but not before acquiring several PhDs. Obsessed with genetics and especially fascinated by mutant genes, he jumps at the chance to perform genetic surgery on mutants to enhance their abilities and appearance, often tinkering with his own genes and testing procedures on himself with mixed success. Incredibly intelligent, almost constantly processing new information and working on his ‘science’. Fortunately for the world, his often paranoid behaviour and many insane, obsessive quirks prevent him from being the truly serious threat he has the potential to be. He works for the Mutant Syndicate in exchange for funding.
Fears: Fire, the loss of his laboratory and equipment.
Family: Unknown
Romantic Interests:
Allies: The Don, Lady Luck, Memnon, Trick Shot, Vendetta, The Hardman, Komodo, Fenrir.
Affiliations: The Mutant Syndicate.
Rivals/Nemesis: Overmind
Enemies: International Freedom League, United States Sentinels, Society of European Superheroes, Indo-Asian Superhuman Assembly, Apex Squad, Iron Patrol.

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