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Blue Blazer

Alias: Hellcat
Real Name: Mark Jackson
Genre: Superhero
Power(s)/Ability(s): pyrogenesis, pyrokinesis
Affiliations: none
Past Aliases: none
Status: active
Mark Jackson is the only man to escape from Hell. As a human, he was a cold-hearted mercenary, living only for his own profit and survival. He relied on state-of the art weaponry, incredible marksmanship, and quick-thinking. But he was captured one day by his target, and when his organization denied any ties to him, he was executed. Unable to justify a place in Heaven, mark was sent to the pits of the Netherworld, where he was subjected to horrible pain for many years. Over time, he finally devised a way out, and when he had escaped through the gates, he realized that he had been given amazing powers. Aside from superhuman acrobatic ability, Mark now possesses the power of pyrokinesis, able to create fire from nothing. Horrified by the scars on his face from his torture in Hell, Mark fashioned himself a costume and now fights crime on the streets of Caligo, hoping that he can cleanse his soul before he dies again.